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about us

Our Geography

FROM WILD might be a new name in the US, but our presence on the global stage is well-established and highly regarded.

Since 2015 we have exported almost 4,000,000 pounds of FROM WILD pine nuts to more than 570 business consumers.

These pine nuts have been shipped to customers in various parts of the world including Canada, the European Union, Great Britain, Switzerland, Israel, Palestine, Serbia, China, Taiwan, Ukraine, Kazakhstan, and Belarus.

In addition, FROM WILD pine nuts have been proudly endorsed by leading European partners such as Spar in Austria, Kruse, Hess & Co. GmbH & Co. in Germany, Euro Company in Italy, and Murano S.p.A in Italy. Our goal is to continue expanding, offering high-quality natural products to discerning consumers worldwide.

about us

Transparency and Trust

At FROM WILD, transparency and trust form the bedrock of our business. We believe in providing our customers with complete insight into our processes and sourcing methods. With FROM WILD, you can rest assured that our pine nuts are 100% natural, devoid of additives or genetic modifications. Our commitment to quality and safety is steadfast, guaranteeing that you receive the purest and most wholesome product. We promise no deceptive practices, no misleading, and no hidden information.

We take immense pride in our commitment to sustainability, ethical harvesting, and the preservation of the pristine taiga ecosystem.
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