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At FROM WILD, we understand the importance of a robust supply chain, which is why we have established warehousing facilities at key locations across the globe. These warehouses are strategically located to ensure that our products reach our customers in the shortest possible time, retaining their freshness and quality.

Russian Federation

Our warehouse in the Russian Federation serves as a pivotal point for our operations. It is from here that we initiate our comprehensive logistics process, making sure our pine nuts are appropriately stored, packaged, and readied for transit.


Serving as another crucial link in our supply chain, our Kazakhstani warehouse ensures that our products harvested in this region are immediately received, processed, and prepped for delivery.

European Union (Prague)

Strategically located in Prague, our European Union warehouse caters to our vast clientele within the European region. By ensuring quick delivery times and seamless logistics within the EU, we manage to uphold our commitment to freshness and quality.

United States (Florida)

Last but certainly not least, our warehouse in Florida, USA, is the final stop for our products before they reach our esteemed American customers. By having a warehouse on US soil, we can drastically cut down on transit times and ensure that American customers receive our products in the best condition, right to their doorstep.

Warehouse Facilities

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Each of our warehouses adheres to stringent quality and safety standards, ensuring that our products are stored under optimal conditions. Our well-coordinated warehousing system is a testament to our commitment to deliver only the best to our customers – every step from the wild to your doors is meticulously planned and executed.