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Become a Member of the “FROM WILD” Family as a Distributor or HoReCa Partner

Are you a distributor or part of the hospitality industry seeking to deliver the finest quality pine nuts to your customers?

“FROM WILD” invites wholesale and B2B partnerships, offering you access to our superior pine nuts in bulk quantities.

Our products are conveniently available in 5 kg (11 lb) vacuum-sealed bags, preserving freshness and extending shelf life.

Collaborate with “FROM WILD” to enhance your product range, meet the demands of health-conscious consumers, and captivate your customers with the unique flavors of Siberian pine nuts.

Contact our dedicated team to explore how we can support your business and build a rewarding partnership.

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Order “FROM WILD” Pine Nuts with Ease

For individual customers preferring the convenience of online shopping, “FROM WILD” ensures a smooth purchasing experience through our dedicated online store. Browse our range of products, including our popular 200g (7 oz) pack of pine nuts.

“FROM WILD” pine nuts are available on Amazon, providing a hassle-free shopping experience for our valued customers.

With a few clicks, the exquisite taste of Siberia can be delivered right to your doorstep anywhere in the US.